"All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone."

Blaise Pascal

... and it is priceless to sit together

with friends at the GardenOfFriends.com

Hello, my name is Holger Hubbs, I am entertaining this private website a.k.a. cfaae.com driven by the impulse to connect and team with like-hearted human beings.

Practical peace of mind, in daily living

I find it fascinating to see that all human abuse, cruelty and exploitation has its root in a thought and a feeling, projecting a separate-self; a "person" that lives only in the past.

The hypnotism of this confused world dissolves by inquiring into our true nature, prior to mind.

The greatest difficulty is the simplicity of being; conquering the difference between thinking and experiencing.

One Earth, but billions of worlds

I see the opportunity for human beings to transition from our destructive materialistic worldview to the discovery that we can enjoy and share life without limiting beliefs.

Yes, please!

Being comfortable with paradoxes, without the compulsion to resist...

It is interesting how we separate ourself from Mother Nature, through concepts and beliefs, policies and procedures.

Important Areas from my Viewpoint