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The center for art and education is yOur Awareness, not your story.

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Life is not what we think it is.

The purpose in life is to discover and serve the Peace and creative power that is the core of our Being. In scripture this inner Presence is personified as Jesus Christ and Krishna, as a pointer to our own re-discovery, here and now.

Instead to be trapped in waiting, hoping and believing that outer circumstances will bring us future happiness and security, we discover the me-chanism how we create our own suffering that distracts us from embracing our eternal birthright:

Happiness through peace of mind in daily living independent of circumstances.

We start out in life with a fun-da-mental oversight that makes us look for fulfillment in outer effects, instead to know and be the cause. Even our thinking and feeling is a form of looking outward, away from I am.

Instead to meet life as IS, here and now, we entertain a "me"-entity that habitually regurgitates the dead past and fears or desires the non-existing future.

We are the current wave of humanity

We are not isolated entities that struggle to survive;
Life is one amazing, awesome unfolding organism.

What we understand and release in our self affects all.

We maybe appear to be alone or misunderstood, but we are never lonely.

Thinking allowed, thinking aloud

A little brave and effortless thinking/feeling goes a long way to contemplate the nature of reality.

We discover that our "me" is only a contraction, a habitual resistance to what IS.

Art & Heart

Everything in life can be confused and abused for some temporary personal gain.
Life as art is not a pain-killer or a decoration for an otherwise dull and deluded ife.

Art itself is not the product or service but the invitation to bypass our thinking mind and to reacquaint ourselves again with our own intimate natural state; beyond the conditionings of thinking and feeling, here and now.

CenterForArtAndEducation.com a.k.a. CFAAE.com

I want to share together with you three forms of experience:

celebratory, contemplative, functional.

Suffering can completely drop away when we understand the me-chanism of our ignorance at war with our own stupidity.

None of my words are my own.


Thank you to Life

It is priceless to outgrow the "me"-bubble with friends, with loved ones, with so called strangers.

Learning to give our self a voice and to walk our talk...